Change for Life Campaign

The Missouri Knights of Columbus launched the Change for Life Campaign. Our goal is simple, to reduce the number of abortions in our state.  In 2011 there were 9,234 abortions performed in Missouri and by the end of 2016 that number had dropped to 7275 a 22% decrease.  Yes, we are on the right track and today, we invite you to be a part of this critical life-saving campaign.

Collectively all 44,000 Knights in our state have stood up and said No. No more! Abortion will end in our state.  Part of the plan is to place state of the art ultrasound machines at approved pregnancy centers across the state and provide the necessary training for each center. You have probably heard of the use of ultrasound to save babies from abortion. The statistics are amazing! 92% of the time, when an abortion minded woman meets her baby on the ultrasound screen, sees his little fingers and toes, hears his heartbeat she chooses life for her baby. 92% of the time that is a God size number! To date, 45 ultrasound machines have been placed in the State of Missouri including one here in Liberty.

In addition, the Change for Life campaign is launching marketing campaigns across this state to bring abortion minded women to our pregnancy centers instead of the abortion clinics. If she comes to a properly trained pregnancy center, equipped with the power of ultrasound, the baby has a 92% chance of making it to his first birthday.

Join us today to help us meet our continuing goal of placing ultrasound machines in all of the approved pregnancy centers in our state. When we do, 5,000 babies will be saved every year in our state. On Mother’s Day baby bottles were distributed at all of the Masses.  We ask that you place this bottle in a prominent place in your home and each time you see it, we ask that you pray for the unborn, pray for the success of this campaign. Also, each time you see the bottle, we ask that you place your pocket change in it and by the way, bills and checks fit in these things too. We will be collecting these bottles in the Narthex for the next several weeks.

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