2020 – 2022 Capital Campaign

We have kicked off our “Living Our Legacy – Anticipating the Future” Capital Campaign, a 3-year campaign to pay the loan on our new church. Pledges made to this campaign began on January 1, 2020 and will end on December 31, 2022.

To learn about the progress of this campaign click here.

This new campaign is not about building infrastructure. It is about paying the mortgage on our new church. You may be wondering why we have a mortgage. Didn’t we raise enough to pay for it during the current campaign.? The answer is “no.” Thanks to your generous pledges, we raised enough to receive the diocese’s approval to build. They also approved the granting of a loan for the difference between what we raised and the cost of the new church.

Therefore, the purpose of this campaign is to pay our debt to the diocese on the loan of approximately $5.5 million. Our goal is to repay the debt within 3 years, as this will save us a considerable amount of interest and put us back in a position where we are once again debt free.

To read the campaign brochure click here

A Town Hall meeting was held on July 27 to inform parishioners about the progress of our new church, the debt owed, and the upcoming LIVING OUR LEGACY~ ANTICIPATING THE FUTURE Capital Campaign.





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