Current Mass Update

We here at St. James Liberty, are making every effort to make every one of Our Parishioners comfortable to join in the Mass and come to the Table. The safety, wellbeing, and mental comfort of all our parishioners is our main concern.

We want those who do not feel ready to discard their mask to have space to join in our celebration.

On the left side (Mary side) of the main aisle, we will continue to have every other pew open and ask anyone who sits on the left side to please wear a mask. Out of respect for these fellow parishioners, we encourage you to maintain social distancing and wear your mask when seated on the left side of the sanctuary.

On the right side (St. Joseph side) – all pews are open. If you choose to not wear a mask – this is the side you will sit on. Please feel free to sit wherever you like on the right side.

Father and our Eucharistic Ministers will continue to wear masks while they distribute Holy Communion. Our goal is to make everyone who comes to St James to worship and pray feel welcome and safe. This is a time of change and flux, and we are called to show God’s love and mercy to all who enter our doors.

You will also notice that our hymnals have returned! Congregational singing has been okayed for a while, but now we have hymnals to guide us. We will continue to post the worship aid on the QR code for those who are unable to join us in person and instead join via the live-stream.

Bishop Johnston’s dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass will be lifted on June 1, 2021 just ahead of the Feast of Corpus Christi on June 5/6. (Remember that if you are ill or feeling unwell, you are always dispensed from that obligation.)

We will continue to live-stream our 8 AM Mass and other feast days and important events at St. James.


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