Helping Hands

Sometimes it can be a challenge for parishioners who are older and/or have mobility problems to attend weekend Mass easily. The walk from the car may be too long or the stairs difficult to navigate.

At our 5:00pm Saturday Masses, volunteers from our new HELPING HANDS MINISTRY will provide assistance to those needing some extra help reaching the sanctuary on the upper level of the building to attend Mass.

To use this service, please make a reservation. This ensures that we have enough volunteers available.

Please follow the steps below.

  1.  A few days before you plan to attend the 5:00pm Saturday Mass, make a reservation by calling Daryl Sweetland in the parish office, 781-4343, extension 200, by 4:00pm on Friday. Leave a message on her voice mail if you are unable to talk with her personally.
  2. When arriving at the church, please park in one of the spaces on the south side of the church or behind the church as close to the south side as possible.
  3. Enter the lower level of the church through the south door (near the dumpster). There will be a HELPING HANDS MINISTRY ENTRANCE sign near the door.
  4. Please take a seat in one of the chairs near the door and a volunteer will be available shortly to assist you to your seat in the church; wheelchairs are available if needed.

After Mass, a volunteer will assist you in returning to the lower level.

Currently this service is available only at the 5:00pm Saturday Mass.
We hope to be able to extend this service to other weekend Masses in the future.

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