Sacrament Prep for Confirmation

Registration is now open for those who are in 9th grade or older. 

Do you have a high schooler who wants to be Confirmed? Or are you a high schooler who wants to be Confirmed? Then please read this email carefully, as our preparation is going to look a little different this year since we are in the middle of a pandemic.

Dear Confirmation Candidate,

Welcome to the world of young adulthood. You have friends, family, and possibly extracurricular activities and a job taking up your time and energy (not to mention the stress of a pandemic). You also have the opportunity to consider your relationship with God more closely and to make decisions concerning your faith journey. You are invited to explore what you believe and decide if God is calling you to grow closer to Him in the Church through the Sacrament of Confirmation.

This year, there will be no classroom time, and we are no longer planning for Zoom meetings. Instead, we plan to meet in the Church on all scheduled dates. Should we need to go virtual, there is an at-home, online component to our program which will be implemented if necessary.

The first meeting will be Sunday, September 13 at 6:00pm in the Church, where social distancing can be upheld without issue. We ask that the student, parent and/or sponsor attend this meeting.

Click HERE for an online registration.

Click HERE for a registration you can print.

You will also need to sign a COVID-19 Waiver and Photo Release. If you do the paper registration the photo release is attached. Both of these forms will need to be turned in before you will be allowed in the building for Confirmation Class.

Click HERE for the COVID-19 Waiver.

Click HERE for the photo release.

Remember no registration form is complete unless ALL parts of the registration are turned in. This means, the registration form, Baptismal Certificate, the COVID-19 waiver, the photo release, and payment all needs to be turned in before your child is allowed to attend class.

Click HERE for the Calendar of Confirmation Classes and other High School activities.

Remember, attending classes is not saying “yes” to Confirmation; it is saying “yes” to learning more about the Catholic Faith from an adult perspective with an openness to what God will place upon your heart.

We are praying for you as you consider taking this step in faith. May God be with you and grant you Peace.

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