Our communion lines seem long and this means the mass is that much longer. Is there any way to shorten the line? Perhaps we can put some Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion towards the center of the church.

Thank you for your question and your suggestion.  The logistics of serving the numbers of people we have been seeing can be daunting.  It does not surprise us that we … Read More

Has St. James ever considered listing the reading number on the song board too? (Question shortened for brevity’s sake)

As with many things in our Catholic faith the suggestion you propose has some implications that must be considered.  In our Diocese, and in most Catholic dioceses, the Liturgy of … Read More

Sometimes the Psalm we sing is not the version of the one printed for the Sunday readings. Can we have the number of the psalm on our song boards if it is different?

You are correct at certain times the Psalm chosen may not coincide with the one printed in our hymnal.  When that occurs, it has been our policy to post the … Read More