Education Ministries

St. James desires that each member grows in their faith and knowledge of the Word of God.  We partner together through various Educational Ministries to do this.  Click on the Link to find out more about each ministry.

Annulment Process - Parishioners serve as advocates for this Ministry.  Find out more...

Various Bible study and Adult Faith Formation groups meet throughout the year.  New members are welcome to join any time.

For current Faith Formation opportunities, click here.

Contact - Parish Office 816-781-4343  

Christian Initiation of Adults is a process by which individuals who have reached the age of reason (usually age seven years or older) prepare to receive Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist, in the Roman Catholic tradition. Christian Initiation is for the unbaptized, individuals from another Christian tradition, or for Catholics who have not received the sacraments of Confirmation and/or Eucharist.

During the process we explore the Catholic tradition, provide opportunities for spiritual growth, engage participants in the community life of the parish, and help those seeking to enter the church to form a relationship with a sponsor.  Your journey may begin at any time; Christian Initiation is an ongoing, year-round program of inquiry and catechesis, with Confirmation throughout the year and Baptism at the Easter Vigil. Catechetical sessions are at St. James, with baby-sitting available for participants.

Our Newly Initiated Welcomed into the Church at Easter Vigil 2019

Contact:  Sandy Gagnon   816-522-3311

Faith Sharing 6th-8th Grade

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6th-8th Grade Faith Sharing

Faith Sharing meets weekly on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm.  All grades will gather in the gym from 6:30-7:00 pm for social time, introductions, announcements and opening prayer then split into small groups by grade.  Group time involves prayer, journaling, exploration of our faith, reflection and games. In addition, we offer other social activities. Parents are invited to stay during this short period to chat, get acquainted and pray with us, as well as, catch the announcements first hand! We will break into small groups after prayer.


Though not mandatory, Faith Sharing, allows 6th-8th grade teens to come together to share their own faith journey and discuss how the gospel applies in their own life. We use the readings from the Sunday liturgy as our starting topic for weekly discussions.

Parent Sign Up

Each parent is asked to attend one small group meeting on the date of their choice. This is your opportunity to share in your teen’s faith and the journey he or she is undertaking. Also, PLEASE consider becoming a small group leader! Effective faith sharing thrives in a small, comfortable atmosphere. With fewer catechists, your child’s group becomes less personal, less manageable and less effective for spiritual growth!

Parent Volunteers

Our program is successful solely because of the time, talent and effort of all of our wonderful volunteers. Please check the registration form for all the different areas you could be of service. Extra hands are always welcomed and appreciated! There are opportunities for every commitment level. If you have already turned in your registration form but would like volunteer just send an email to the youth office.

Inclement Weather Policy

As a rule, we will use the Liberty Public Schools as our guide – if classes were cancelled for the day, we too will cancel for the evening. We will also post a message on the Home Page of the website. You can sign up for text alerts as well or call the Youth office 781-4343.

Registration and & Contact

Click This Link to download and print the registration form. Turn in your completed form with payment to the Parish Office.

Contact Denise Whelan 816-781-4343×210,

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P B & J

P B & J

Prayer, Bible Stories, & Jammin’ - Catholic Faith Formation for the Very Young, Taught through Song and Dance


PB&J is a parent-child class of Catholic faith formation taught through music and movement. Parents (or caregivres) and PB&J Children's Ministries their "infant through pre-school-aged" children are invited to join in this fun and active weekly class that features music and movement, Bible stories and basic Catholic faith formation. Through music and movement, prayer and bible stories, you are better able to teach your child the basics of our faith!


What is PB&J?

PB&J Registration Form 2019-2020

Take Home Page including Calendar

When Are The Classes?

What Is the Cost of the Classes?

What Do Our Families Like Best About PB&J?

About Miss Lori

Contact - Lori Tajchman, Children's Music Ministry Director
781-4343 x208

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Religious Education

Stay tuned for information about our upcoming Religious Education Program school year scheduled to begin September 2020.  Updates will be posted as we finalize plans in accordance with Diocesan, State and local guidelines.  Thank you for your patience.

What follows has not been updated to reflect changes to the fall 2020 program:

Pre-K (3yr old to 6yr old) thru 5th grade

Recognizing parents as the primary educators of their children in our faith; our ministry strives to support parents in this effort. Sunday morning classes are held for children who are 3 years old by August 1st, through children who are entering the 5th grade. Classes begin in September and end in May. We also we offer the option of class time on Wednesday evening for children in first through fifth grades. Classes begin in September and end in May.

Contact: Lori Tajchman 816-781-4343 x 208

Click the underline links to find out more...

Everything Parents Need To Know


Religious Education News & Events

We will try to publish articles each week relating to current Religious Education News and Special Events. However, we encourage you to also check out each weekly bulletin. Find Out More.

Links for Families

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As Catholics, we live out our faith life in a most special way through the seven Sacraments of the Church. The Sacraments of Initiation are Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. The Sacraments of Service are Marriage and Holy Orders. The Sacraments of Healing are Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick. SACRAMENTS OF INITIATION Adult Confirmation - This ministry serves any adult Catholic wishing the Sacrament of Confirmation. Contact:  Sandy Gagnon 816-781-4343 x206 Baptism - For infant and young child baptism, parent preparation is done through group meetings at the home of a lead couple. Older children receive individual preparation and receive the Sacrament of Baptism at the Easter Vigil. (See RCIA). Contact: Kirsten Maggi 816-781-4343 x202 First Communion - The child’s preparation for reception of this sacrament is done in the home. Parents participate in two preparation meetings-one at the beginning of the process and one towards the end-to support them in their efforts. The children celebrate the sacrament with their families during the Easter season. Please check the bulletin for times & dates. Contact:  Lori Tajchman 816-781-4343 x208 First Reconciliation -  The child’s preparation for reception of this sacrament is done in the home. Parents participate in two preparation meetings-one at the beginning of the process and the other towards the end-to support them in their efforts. The children will celebrate the sacrament with their families in the fall. Please check the bulletin for times and dates. Contact:  Lori Tajchman 816-781-4343 x208 Confirmation - The Rite of Confirmation occurs in the Spring of the 10th grade year.  We meet on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month October through April at 7pm - 8:45pm (after the 6:00pm Mass.). We meet both in small group setting and occasionally as a large group. Registration is in August of freshman year.  Contact:  Lori Tajchman 816-781-4343 x208 SACRAMENTS OF SERVICE Arrangements must be made six months in advance of the ceremony. Marriage instructions are by appointment with one of the priests. According to the Marriage Policy of the Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph, the marriage preparation process requires all couples to complete a premarital assessment (FOCCUS), and attend two Saturday sessions given by the Diocese. As an option, couples can be involved in the parish-based Lead Couple Program (four 2-hour sessions) or the Catholic Engaged Encounter weekend. Contact:  Fr. Mike Roach  816-781-4343 x201 Engaged Encounter - One part of preparation for marriage which is offered to our engaged couples is an Engaged Encounter Weekend, presented by a team of two married couples and a priest. Lead couples must be Catholic, be living a sacramental way of life, believe in Natural Family Planning, follow the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding marriage, and be married at least two years. Engaged Encounter Weekends are offered once a month in our Diocese. Lead couples are trained and present about two weekends a year. Contact:  Fr. Mike Roach  816-781-4343 x201 SACRAMENTS OF HEALING Anointing the Sick - The Anointing of the Sick is available not only for those in danger of death, but for all who are suffering from serious chronic illness, those of advanced years who are experiencing the fragility and decline of health, and those who are soon to undergo serious surgery. Contact:  Parish Office (816) 781-4343

An adult religious education group held every Saturday from 10 to 11 am in the school library. Participants discuss topics of interest to Catholics. It is an informal group for anyone to attend as often as they wish.

Contact - Deacon Chuck Koesterer    816-781-4343 x223  

The St. James Catholic School Community, a ministry of the parish, empowers students grades K-8th to achieve their full academic and Christian potential, become prayerful, lifelong learners and good stewards of God’s gifts.  Find out more...

That Man is You is part of a national organizational men’s group that meets on Saturday mornings at 6:15 am in the Social Hall.  Find out more...