Hall Rental and Weddings

Hall Rental Policies

We offer both our social hall and our parish hall for rent.  You can also find information about Weddings in our Church below.

These policies apply to all rentals

Liability Insurance
The Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph requires that all non-Parish functions be covered by Special Events Coverage, which is acquired through an outside insurance company. The cost of this short term coverage is approximately $135 per event to be paid by the renter in addition to normal rental fees. This special event insurance can be found at KandKInsurance.com. Please name St. James Catholic Church Liberty Mo as "additional insured."  After receiving the insurance the parish office needs a copy for our files.

Clean Up
Renters are expected to provide acceptable clean up following the event that would return the facility to the condition it was prior to the event; this includes the restrooms in the social hall hallway. Failure to adequately clean up the facility will result in a further charge to cover the cost of the parish custodial team ($200).  Failure to clean the kitchen will result in a $50 fee.   Acceptable cleaning includes:

  • Floors cleaned (mopped if needed from spills)
  • Tables wiped down
  • Carpeted are vacuumed as necessary
  • All trash bagged and taken to the dumpster

Policy on Alcohol

  1. Alcoholic beverages shall not be served to or by persons under the age of 21.  Proof of I.D. may be necessary upon request.
  2. Non-Alcoholic beverages and food must be served if alcoholic beverages are available.
  3. All organizations must have assigned individuals monitoring the distribution of alcohol beverages.
  4. Distribution of alcohol at large scale parish events must have authorization by Pastor.
  5. Any group serving alcohol shall be aware of this policy and shall be responsible for promoting and implementing it.
  6. Any group serving alcohol is responsible to monitor consumption and require moderation of their guests.


  1. All renters must be out of the social hall by 11:30 pm; this includes the clean-up.  Please allow ample time for your guests to leave and your cleaning to be completed by 11:30 PM.  Our alarm system will turn on at 11:45 PM. No exceptions.
  2. We are a NO Smoking facility and the persons renting the Hall will be expected to assure adherence to the policy by the guests.
  3. No entertainment during the Masses if in the Parish Hall.
  4. All functions should be confined to the environs of the Hall.
  5. Do not allow children to roam the campus unattended.


  • No decorations may be taped, tacked or attached to the walls or windows or hung from the ceiling.
  • Wax candles should be place on a base to avoid fire hazards and to hold any wax drippings.


Tithing Parishioners :  The social hall is offered at highly discounted rates for tithing parishioners.  Please discuss the rates with the Parish Office Manager.  The Liability Insurance and Damage Deposit cannot be waived or reduced.

Non-Parishioners1-50 People51-100 People101-200 People

These policies apply to the Parish Hall Rentals


Parishioners :  $750

Non-Parishioners: $1,200


1-50 Guests 51-100 Guests
Parishioners $100 $200
Non-Parishioners $200 $400
If you wish either Fr. Mike or Fr. Michael to preside at your marriage,  please contact  them directly to check their availability. Weddings can take place anytime on Friday evening, and anytime on Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM.  The church needs to be cleared from picture taking and other activities by 4 PM.  Confession begin at 4 PM. You will want to contact Danny Baker, our Director of Liturgy and Music for questions about the liturgy.  He can handle the music at your wedding should you decide to hire him.  His number is 816-781-4343 ext. 207 We also have Cecilia Richardson on staff who will assist as your Wedding Coordinator for your ceremony. Her number is 816-781-4343 ext. 203.
DescriptionStipend or Fee
Church / Gathering SpaceParishioners: $500
All Others : $750
Wedding Coordinator$100