What is PB&J?

PB&J extends a musical avenue of Catholic faith formation for the very young child together with a parent (or other loving adult). This class is most appropriate for infants/toddlers through preschool-aged children (10 months to 5 years old), but offers stimulation through music and movement to younger infants as well.

PB&J Image1This weekly 45-minute class offers song and movement activities to enhance your child’s experience of the Catholic faith.

The monthly classes follow the Liturgical calendar of seasons and colors, and will include bible-story time, prayer-table time, and some family-jammin’ time where we will add instrument play, movement and dance to our favorite songs!

PB&J embraces the concept that music, movement and repetition enhance a child’s learning.PB&J Image2

Familiar nursery rhyme tunes, traditional sacred and Catholic music, simple social dance movements, and instrument exploration will help to stimulate your children in their earliest and most formative years of Catholic education.

The weekly activities are easily repeated in the home-setting throughout the week by your child’s first and foremost teacher – YOU!



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