Youth Ministry 6-12 grade

Our Young Church comes together to Experience Life, Community, & Christ. StJ Youth Ministry empowers teens to explore their Catholic identity share faith.

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Youth Ministry…..What’s this all about? A letter to parents of teens.

Youth Ministry at St. James helps meets the goal of empowering our teens in their Catholic identity and relationship with Jesus Christ. At St. James, Youth Ministry is for ALL 6th-12th grade Catholic teens, no matter what school they attend or what groups they belong to. The purpose of youth ministry is not to measure knowledge of Catholicism, nor to catch anyone up who hasn’t had enough religious education. The goal of Youth Ministry at St. James is to advocate for and with our youth, not just in our church but in society and to promote the Gospel of Jesus in their lives.

Comprehensive Youth Ministry meets the call that goes to each of us, young and old, to have continued lifelong catechesis, as well as fueling the sense of parish as our community and empowering our teens with a sense of ownership within the parish. Teens are busy with many options on how to spend their time. If being involved in a parish becomes “just another option” will our youth feel like this their HOME? When a parish invests in Youth Ministry it is apparent. I have seen our teens come to realize that this IS their community, not just a church they attend for an hour on Sunday. When the youth see they have a voice and a roll at St. James that is valued, the beauty in their confidence knowing their strength within, as the young church of today, (not the church of tomorrow) is something we can all be proud to support.

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