Dedication of Our New Church

On Saturday, October 19, at 2:30pm, we will begin the ceremony of Dedication and Consecration of our new Church.

We will first gather in our old ‘former’ worship space and process to the new building, where Bishop Johnston, gathered with all who have made this building possible, begins the ceremony of Consecration.

The Bishop is handed the keys to the building by the SFS Architectural Firm, and the A.L. Huber Contracting Company, who helped design and execute building of this Church, as well as Diocesan officials & parishioners, who were key in making this day happen.

Those keys will then be given to our pastor, Fr. Mike, and he will unlock the doors to begin this beautiful ceremony, consecrating this building to God, and through the rituals of Blessings, and prayers of every part of the building, culminating in consecrating the altar.

Once the altar is consecrated, we have called upon the power of the Saints especially St. James, we will celebrate the Eucharist, led by Bishop Johnston, our  Shepherd, and our community, for the first time in this building – a building which is now a House of God, and place of worship for our community – a pilgrim people, nourished by God’s Word and the Body and Blood of Christ, to go out and share the Good News.

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