Are we making an effort to individually contact those who are not pledging to the capital campaigns?

There are many meetings and conversations when we struggle with this question.  What is the right amount of contact versus when does it become badgering and pestering?  For those who feel called to share their time, talent and treasure it is difficult to stay silent when others are not responding.  At the same time we try to recognize that everyone is not on the same path in their faith journey.


There is also the logistics and costs of delivering messages that are personal and not intrusive.  Telephone calls from unknown phone numbers are not welcomed and usually ignored. Postal mailings are expensive when you are talking about 500-1000 pieces.  One thing we will be doing is sending out reminder emails to those families who are on our email list.


Other than that we all need to pray that circumstances change for those families who are not pledging to the capital campaigns and that they will harden not their hearts when God calls to them.

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