The choir and music were great at the dedication. Who are all the musicians and choir members? Are they all from St. James?

Thank you for your nice compliment.  St. James is blessed with a pool of many dedicated and accomplished vocalists and musicians.  When we were in our old church the number of seats available for the choir was limited, which meant that the size of our choir was limited. In our new church we have plenty of room and with the exception of one or two people all of the voices were St. James parishioners.  The keyboards, strings, woodwinds, and percussionists were also St. James people. We did need to bring in the brass players from outside.


In addition to aiding the faithful in their prayer, liturgical music can and should aid in our evangelization process.  There were many people in our church at the dedication. Most were Catholic (both active and inactive) and we know there were several attendees who were from other faiths or un-churched.  It is our fervent hope that through the sights and sounds of the dedication we were able to display the sensory richness and beauty of Christ and his church.

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