December 2019 Minutes

Pastoral Council Meeting

Monday, December 9th, 2019 (Conference Room)

Members Present:   Julie Harman, Hugo Mendoza, Steve Gregoire, Arsenio Arciga, Patrick Schaub, Lou Angles, Dan Bacon, Libby Hernandez, Kevin Nordhues

Members Absent:   Marla Neal

Guests: Father Mike, Deacon Chuck

Opening prayer by Kevin Nordhues.  Julie opened the meeting at approximately 7:10PM.

Minutes from November 2019 meeting were approved.

Deacon Chuck’s Discussions:

·       Advent Giving Tree has been successful – only a few tags left

·       Christmas Masses

o   4, 7 & 10 pm on Christmas Eve.

o   9 am on Christmas Day

·       Reconciliation Service tomorrow, 12-10-19, at 7 pm

Father Mike’s Discussions:

·       Re: New Church

o   Expenses are up.  We’re going through a learning curve to get a handle on the “new normal”.

o   Kevin Nordhues was asked by a parishioner if attendance has gone up after moving to the new church.  We discussed the number of hosts dispensed at the old church vs. the new…

Old Church

New Church

Mass time

Hosts Dispensed

Mass time

Hosts Dispensed

5:00 PM Sat.


5:00 PM Sat.


7:30 AM Sun.


8:00 AM Sun


9:15 AM Sun


10:30 AM Sun.


11:00 AM Sun.


5:00 PM Sun.


6:00 PM Sun.







·       Kevin brought up some further concerns by parishioners:

o   Parishioners in back pews cannot see father during the Homily when he steps down from the alter. 

§  Steve Gregoire mentioned that more lighting would be coming at the base of the altar, but this would likely not help father to be seen from the back pews

§  Father mentioned, and the members agreed, that parishioners do like it when he moves down and around the parishioners.

o   Parishioners have indicated that the mass length has increased considerably (by about 15 min.) mainly because of the longer time for communion.

§  Kevin mentioned seeing in other bigger churches where extra communion ministers were set up further away from the altar to more efficiently dispense communion.

·       Father mentioned concern about this idea in that parishioners would then not have an opportunity to approach the altar.

·       More discussion on this?

o   Parishioners are getting tired of money talks.

§  It was decided that this was likely mainly coming from those who had already pledged.

§  It was also discussed that money talks still needed to continue as only 680 families of the estimated 1400 families have made pledges.

o   Aid for the hearing impaired – Earphone assemblies have come in.  Danny B. is working on putting them together.

·       Father discussed Ushers:

o   We’re pleased to see younger usher now.  We discussed the importance that they be trained.

o   A point was brought up that we should consider a greeter at the back door for the many that enter there.

o   RC mentioned that the front ramp is a bit steep and that an usher could help those in need of help there.

Welcoming New Members – Dan Bacon  

Dan Bacon discussed the new welcoming plan coming in 2 phases:

Phase I – Gather information on new members and get information to them that they’ve

Phase II:

·       Banner – Do you need info.?  Text SJL to 84576

·       Box with slot for info. cards

o   Cards with info. request

§  Name, email, phone #, etc.

o   5 teams made up of the 5 welcoming committee members

§  Will call those who’ve completed cards

§  Callers will have a form to follow when making these calls

§  Calls will also send a follow-up email to the new members

o   The welcoming committee members discussed briefly who could cover which service…

§  Sat. 5 pm – Steve G. & RC

§  Sun. 8 am -??

§  Sun. 10:30 am – Dan B., Hugo, & Libby

§  Sun. 5 pm -??


Dan also discussed ADA…

·       Those with disabilities seem to voice their concerns about when things are not right.

·       Ushers/Greeters are needed to assist/help the disabled – how many?

·       Discussed having those that want help, call to let us know when they are arriving and need the help.

·       Since the disabled generally don’t want to fight winter conditions, we have a little time to work on this.

·       We talked about using the S. doors by the kitchen for the disabled because…

o   Only one door to go through

o   Shorter distance from the parking lot to the door

o   Dan to talk to Jim Newell about getting with the architect about changes to the S. door to make it ADA approved.


Julie Harman Discussions:

·       Julie Harman reminded everyone that we want to match pastoral council members with our church ministries.  Each member is to visit one or two ministries.


·       Member should attend the chosen church ministry meeting and complete the “Ministry Visit Report”.  Kevin Nordhues to send all members a copy.

·       Julie also requested help in designing a card to be given to beggars outside the church to direct them to Love, Inc. – Libby volunteered.  TY Libby.

Round Table Items:

·       Hugo mentioned that the Lady of Guadeloupe celebration would be on Thursday, Dec. 12th at 6 pm in the Parish Hall.

o   Similar format as last year’s celebration

o   Excited to have this celebration in the new church.

·       Libby Hernandez discussions:

o   Trivia Night:

§  Feb. 29th after the 5 pm mass (~ 6 pm) in the Social Hall (old church)

§  Money earned is earmarked for items needed in school classrooms

§  Cost is $25/person or $200/Table of 8

§  Raffle

§  10 rounds of Trivia – teams compete

§  Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places

·       Dan B. discussed the upcoming Luau Party on Jan. 18th

o   To celebrate those families that have pledged to the new capital campaign

o   2 Sessions

§  Afternoon (11:30 am – 2:30 pm)

§  Evening (4:00 – 9:00 pm)

§  RSVP to attend

§  To celebrate attaining the $3M goal with our campaign pledges

·       Kevin discussed – Annual Coat Drive

o   Both Adult & Children Coats & Hats have been and are still being collected in the old church Narthex.

o   Coats have been donated this year to St. James Mid-town and also to our Veterans.

§  Approximately 12 large garbage bags full of coats, hats, gloves, etc. have been donated so far.

·       Next meeting will be on Jan 13th – Patrick Shaub will do the opening prayer

Closing Prayer – Capital Campaign Prayer