January 2020 Minutes

Pastoral Council Meeting

Monday, January 13, 2020 (Conference Room)

Members Present:   Julie Harman, Hugo Mendoza, Steve Gregoire, Arsenio Arciga, Patrick Schaub, Lou Angles, Dan Bacon, Marla Neal.

Members Absent: Libby Hernandez, Kevin Nordhues.

Guests: Jim Newell, Deacon Chuck

Opening prayer by Deacon Chuck.  Julie opened the meeting at approximately 7:10 PM.

Minutes from December 2019 meeting were approved.

Jim Newell’s Discussions:

  • Re: Setting up door by kitchen to respond to needs of parishioners needing wheel chair assistance.
  • The manning and structure of drop-off and portable block off sign to allow drop-off.
  • Dan suggested we match the need for now, until we identify the need and know what the average headcount of the need is.
  • Deacon Chuck brought up rear greeters needed for Parish Hall entrance for mass during this discussion
  • Jim brought up an issue to light up a darkened area at the corner of the church with about three additional spot lights tentatively placed at the front of the church.
  • He had two bids one for seven thousand and the other for three thousand.

Deacon Chuck’s Discussions:

  • Diocese is starting up a discipleship program as part of the bishop’s initiative on evangelization.
  • Purpose is to have a growing faith formation and not just works absent faith but to lead people to true discipleship.
  • February 15th is base camp at St. Charles and then The Amazing Parish event will be held in the fall in October out at Overland Park and it’s a national convention.
  • March 5th is confirmation and the Pastoral council is being requested to help out if they are available. 90 kids are being confirmed then starting at 7 pm. During 8 to 8:30 pm the church will need help in the serving of refreshments.
  • Next issue was Parish safety and in light of events that have happened recently the discussion was opened on active shooter training. Which led to a more welcomed perspective which is to have an emergency preparedness plan.  Which encompasses tornado prep, safety exit planning and danger awareness in our parish.
  • The members discussed that a plan is already long overdue but a concern is also raised on the safety of knowing a friendly protector from the bad guys. We discussed maybe lining our windows with ballistic film which could deter dangers from elements and other danger.
  • Jim brought up there is an evacuation plan that will be posted within the month. He will leave it up to the council of where it should be placed. He said architects are working on the formal plan to evacuate.

Capital Campaign– Jim Newell   

Jim did not have the latest numbers to bring to us this night and defaulted to Katy. Dan brought up that the fulfillment committee publishes a report to the bulletin once a month. He also mentioned that there will be an official numbers announcement given at the Luau.


Open discussions to events:

  • Julie Harman brought up that Carols of the manger was a beautiful program but expressed that in the future that it would be done on the weekend instead of a school night so that attendance would be full to the end.


Welcoming New Members – Dan Bacon 

Dan found out we got only one card during this trial. Dan suggested that for the next 4 months we announce at the podium to reach out to new parishioners and direct them to the info banner.

  • Dan B. discussed the upcoming Luau Party on Jan. 18th
    • To celebrate those families that have pledged to the new capital campaign
    • 2 Sessions
      • Afternoon (11:30 am – 2:30 pm)
      • Evening (4:00 – 9:00 pm)
      • RSVP to attend
      • To celebrate attaining the $3M goal with our campaign pledges

On the Luau Dan discussed that we had 177 Rsvp’s and 36 which are children. but that doesn’t include those who have signed up to help or have said that they are coming. He has an estimated 200 people to attend.


  • Lou discussed – Annual Coat Drive
    • Kevin has delivered the coats is the last he knows.


  • Steve discussed – Communion service
    • Parish seems to congregate on the left back side.
    • We are closing in to the mass ending on time now that we have communion members assisting on that side.


  • Julie discussed – Trivia Night February 29th
    • 11 tables left with tables of 8 at 200 dollars


  • Julie Harman reminded everyone that we want to match pastoral council members with our church ministries. Each member visit one or two ministries in next 2 to 3 months.


Members should attend the chosen church ministry meeting and complete the “Ministry Visit Report”.


  • Patrick discussed – Website
    • Patrick is working with Dan on redoing website for church to modernize site to make it more interactive and less cumbersome.
    • Working on directing people of where to go while at St. James based on their event or meeting.
  • Next meeting will be on Feb 10th – Patrick Shaub will do the opening prayer

          Closing Prayer – Capital Campaign Prayer