February 2020 Minutes

Pastoral Council Meeting

Monday, Feb. 10, 2020 (Conference Room)

Members Present:   Julie Harman, Hugo Mendoza, Libby Hernandez, Kevin Nordhues, Arsenio Arciga, Patrick Schaub, Dan Bacon, Marla Neal.

Members Absent: Steve Gregoire, Lou Angles.

Guests: Jim Newell, Deacon Chuck

Opening prayer by Patrick Schaub.  Julie opened the meeting. Minutes from December 2019 meeting were approved.

Jim Newell’s Discussions:

  • He started by mentioning that revenue was a bit off because of the splits on giving – most going to the Capital Campaign. He followed by saying that we were right on with expenses.
  • We are within 1% of target of what we we’re to pay for the building.
  • Loan handling – looks good and we’re controlling our expenses.
  • Bottom line – We are handling our finances well.

Deacon Chuck’s Discussions:

  • Chuck pointed out that the diocese is running loans like business and watching where money goes. If money goes to expenses instead of capital campaign loan, they will see it.
  • Chuck then introduced Rich Curassi as a guest speaker. Rich’s subject – QPR Suicide Prevention for Veterans and others as well.
    • QPR – Question, Persuade, and Refer
    • It is one of a number of accepted and recognized methodologies for suicide prevention.
    • It attempts to reach out to veterans as well as those surrounding veterans.
    • “Gate Keepers” are trained on this methodology
    • So how does this affect our parish? Rich pointed out that QPR is not just for veterans, but for all in our parish as well.  Father has indicated that Rich has his blessing to open this up to our parish.
    • We can pick and advertise a date to schedule training on QPR.
    • The MO Dept. of Health pays for this training, so there is NO cost to the parish.

RC introduced Kevin Castle who discussed the “Helping Hands Ministry”

  • Purpose – to provide a welcoming experience to members of our church family who require a “helping hand” when entering or egressing St. James Church masses of events
    • New vs. Previous Church
      • Both ADA Compliant
      • New church has longer and more difficult paths from vehicle to pew
      • 2 entrances
      • Small population, but one is too many
    • Tools
      • Wheelchairs, Signs (sandwich board/stalls), Umbrellas, Respite Area, Railing (along walls)
    • Scheduling:
      • Rotunda Software for mass assignments/subs
      • Bulletin/Father Mike pulpit announcement
    • Teambuilding Plan:
      • Knights
      • That Man is You
      • Do Dads
      • Church Families
    • Kickoff
      • Easter Sunday – April 12 (Soft opening on April 4)
    • Kevin then took us on a brief tour showing us entry from the lower floor where we shared discussion/feedback/ideas.

Open discussions:

  • When Lou Angles returns, he will be scheduling to have Dwayne Davidson, Liberty Police Dept. Retiree, to speak with the council about a parish Emergency Action Plan.
  • Welcoming New Member – Dan Bacon
    • Dan indicated that only one person used the text option that is offered to new members.
    • Luau Party was a success – Over 250 attendees present. The party was to thank those who have donated to our Capital Campaign.
  • Libby Hernandez discussed Trivia night
    • Set for Feb. 29th
    • Doors open at 6 pm to decorate tables and trivia begins at 7 pm
    • 8 tables out of 21 are left to be reserved.
    • $200 per table of 8.
    • Door prizes and 50/50 Raffle
  • Libby also discussed Catholic Schools Week
    • All went well
    • Celebration of catholic schools
    • Every day celebrated a different theme
  • Julie Harman reminded everyone that we want to match pastoral council members with our church ministries. Each member visit one or two ministries in next 2 to 3 months.She emphasized that even if we’ve visited our ministries in the past, we should touch base at least annually with them.

New Business

  • Dan Bacon
    • New website to go live on Feb. 20th
    • April 25th – New Parishioner Party
      • Do Quarterly?
      • Pastoral Council Members should plan to attend
      • Meal to be served – likely spaghetti dinner
    • Confirmation – March 5th at 7 pm – Pastoral Council members serve refreshments after.
    • Clear Path to Discipleship – At St. Charles this coming weekend (Feb. 15-16)
    • Next meeting will be on Mar. 9th – Lou Angles will do the opening prayerClosing Prayer – Capital Campaign Prayer

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