Q. Will there be a real crucifix above the tabernacle?
A. We are not sure what is meant by the term “real” in the question. Western churches have traditionally used a crucifix with an attached carved corpus. Our current crucifix uses iconography which harkens back to the early church. Icons of the saints and the Divine grace many ancient churches even to this day. So perhaps it would be best to use the phrase “traditional” when referring to the crucifix with a carved corpus as opposed to “real”.

Current plans are for the “iconographic” crucifix, now in use, to be transferred to the new chapel. The final selection of a crucifix for our new worship space has not yet been made but we do plan to have a permanent western crucifix at the altar.

Above the altar will be an image of Christ that will rise to a height of several stories. It will be the focal point of the entire sanctuary and narthex. We expect it to be awe inspiring.


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