Stations of the Cross – CANCELLED



Come join with us for Stations of The Cross on the following Fridays at 5:30pm in the church
March 6, 13, 20, March 27 and April 3

April 10 – Good Friday Stations of the Cross begin at 3:00pm  

The Stations of the Cross is a powerful way to contemplate, and enter into, the mystery of Jesus’ gift of himself to us.  It involves our senses, experience and emotions.  To the extent we come to experience the love of Jesus for us, to that extent the gratitude we feel will be deep.  Deep gratitude leads to real generosity and a desire to love as we have been loved.

From the earliest of days, followers of Jesus told the story of his passion, death and resurrection.  When pilgrims came to see Jerusalem, they were anxious to see the sites where Jesus was.  These sites become important holy connections with Jesus.  Eventually, following in the footsteps of the Lord, along the way of the cross, became a part of the pilgrimage visit.  The stations, as we know them today, came about when it was no longer easy or even possible to visit the holy sites.  In the 1500’s, villages all over Europe started creating “replicas” of the way of the cross, with small shrines commemorating the places along the route in Jerusalem.  Eventually, these shrines became the set of 14 stations we now know and were placed in almost every Catholic Church in the world.

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