During the weekend Masses will the chapel be available for quiet reflection time?

It is certainly proper and desirous that all who about to enter into the sacred mysteries prepare themselves for such an experience by centering themselves upon the Lord.  During the weekend masses the proper place for this silent reflection is in the main sanctuary. We hope the architecture, and the artistry will help elevate everyone’s thoughts towards the Divine simply by being present and quietly absorbing the beauty. 

It is equally important that we not separate ourselves from each other. We gather as the body of Christ and in that gathering we know that Christ is present in our midst. He assured us of this when he said “where two or three are gathered in my Name there I will be in the midst of them”.  

In our old facility the Narthex was not large enough to handle all of the people who wished to greet friends and others before entering the sanctuary.  This resulted in greetings and conversations being brought into the sanctuary when it would have been better if they were conducted elsewhere. We hope that the expanded gathering space in our new complex will moderate or even eliminate this noise “spill over” into the new sanctuary.  

Once we enter into the sanctuary the first object we encounter is the baptismal font.  We should sign ourselves with the Holy Water reminding us of our baptisms. This is our cue that something sacred is happening and we are moved to moderate our actions appropriately.  

Taking all of this into account the chapel will not be used during the weekend masses.

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