March 2020 Minutes

Pastoral Council Meeting

Monday, Mar. 9, 2020 (Conference Room)

Members Present:   Julie Harman, Steve Gregoire, Lou Angles, Libby Hernandez, Kevin Nordhues, Arsenio Arciga, Patrick Schaub, Dan Bacon, Marla Neal.

Members Absent: Hugo Mendoza.

Guests: Father Mike

Opening prayer by Lou Angles.  Julie opened the meeting at 7:02 pm. Minutes from February 2020 meeting were approved.

Father Mike’s Discussions:

  • Father started by mentioning that finances were in good shape. We started paying off our loan as of this month.  We pay a set amount each month – 15-year loan.
  • Bishop Johnston confirmed 88 students at our recent Confirmation service.

 “Helping Hands Assistants” Discussions:

  • Steve G. indicated that four collapsible walkers had been donated. They fit between the pews, and they collapse nicely against the pews.
  • Steve also mentioned that they keep putting out the word to ask for help with the program. Helpers are requested so that we can go out to the parking lot to assist those needing help when they arrive at the church.
  • Other ideas discussed for having those in need of help to contact us…
    • Put out a phone number that could be called for assistance.
    • Have signs out in the parking lot with a phone number to call or text.
  • Dan B. mentioned that a handle would be installed on the door on the Lower Level by Easter.
  • Consideration for adding rails along the walls for assistance has been tabled for now.

Dan Bacon Discussions:

Listening Post

  • Dan said that he’d not heard much recently – no further questions.

New Parishioner Party

  • Purpose – to welcome new parishioners and to introduce them to our church, school and capital campaign
    • Originally scheduled for April 25th, but it has been postponed due to COVID-19
    • It is expected that we’ll invite 50 families and that 25 will show
    • Planning a Spaghetti Dinner, and then…
      • Capital Campaign Introduction
      • Tours of the Church, School & Resource Center
      • Discussion on Church Ministries
    • Follow-up phone calls regarding capital campaign

Church Website (D. Bacon and P. Schaub)

  • General opinion of the council was that the website has turned out excellent
  • Hits on various website items:
    • K of C Fish Fry – 231
    • Bulletin – 81
    • School – 76
    • Monthly Calendar – Dan simply mentioned that it received many hits. He plans to work more on this one, as he feels it really hasn’t been updated.


Open discussions:

  • Julie & Libby
    • Teachers are encouraged to be involved in the church.
    • Church is also encouraged to be involved with the activities, such as the School Auction.
  • Stations of the Cross – Julie H.
    • Julie indicated that we, the council, had been asked to do the Stations of the Cross on Mar. 20th.
    • Father indicated that our participation would probably NOT be necessary as Cecelia may have enough help. Father was going to check with her.
    • NOTE: Stations were cancelled – COVID-19
  • Libby Hernandez reported on 1st Annual Trivia night
    • Libby said that it was fun & successful. She received good feedback.
    • A great night of community
    • There were 14 tables with an estimated 95-100 guests.
    • All funds went to the “Grant a Wish” program and was to be used to purchase flexible seating for the lower grades at St. James School.


  • Lou Angles – Parish Safety
    • Lou tried contacting Dwayne Davidson, Liberty Police Dept. Retiree, but had trouble getting in touch with him. He found Kyle Hemline, who reported to Dwayne.
      • Kyle can show us a Safety PowerPoint that he will be showing other Liberty Churches on April 13th.
      • If we want to go any further than what is indicated in the presentation, he can also help us with that.
    • Dan Bacon also mentioned that he had a contact at KCPD that was with the Intelligence Division. He mentioned that the Catholic Church is the least preyed upon by active shooters according to statistics.
  • Julie Harman reminded everyone that we want to match pastoral council members with our church ministries. Each member visit one or two ministries in next 2 to 3 months.  She asked if any of us had a chance to contact their ministries.
    • Lou Angles said that he tried contacting the Precious Blood Companions with no luck.
  • Emergency Action Plan was briefly discussed.
    • It was pointed out that an emergency exit during Mass was posted in the bulletin, which showed exits out the entrance and the 2 emergency fire exits via the stairs on both sides of the worship area.
    • Tornado Shelter would be on the lower level in rooms with no windows.
  • Next meeting would normally be on April 13th, but is TBD based on COVID-19 – RC is scheduled to do the opening prayer

    Closing Prayer