Advent 2020

The season of Advent is a time of preparation and remembrance.The word “Advent” stems from the Latin word adventus, which literally means “coming” or “arrival.” In context, this commonly refers to the coming of Jesus on Christmas day.

Advent is a time of joyful waiting. We wait hoping and expecting that He will come into our hearts and homes on Christmas day with all the peace and joy that only a loving God and Savior could bring. It is a time when we remember that Jesus came to earth over 2000 years ago to begin the Christian era with the divine gift of salvation which He holds out to all who are willing to commit themselves to His way of living.

Advent is a time of new beginnings. We have an opportunity to grow, or develop, a spirituality of waiting – a time of hope – as we pray constantly for ourselves, our world and our Church in the ancient prayer of Advent – “Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus, Come!”

Advent is a time to help us prepare for Christmas, when we celebrate the fulfillment of our longing for the Savior with the birth of Jesus.

During this time, we observe a season of prayer, and reflection — followed by anticipation, hope and joy.  It’s a time we use to pray and reflect in anticipation of the coming of our Lord and the start of the Christmas Season.


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