November 2019 Minutes

Pastoral Council Meeting

Monday, November 11th, 2019 (Multi-Purpose Room)

Members Present:   Marla Neal, Julie Harman, Hugo Mendoza, Steve Gregoire, Arsenio Arciga, Patrick Schaub, Lou Angles, Dan Bacon, Libby Hernandez, Kevin Nordhues 

Members Absent:   Kevin Nordhues, Matthew Maggi

Guests: Father Mike, Deacon Chuck, Jim Newell

Opening prayer by Marla Neal.  Julie opened the meeting at approximately 7:10PM. 

Minutes from October 2019 meeting approved.

Discussion on Welcoming New Members – Dan Bacon  

We discussed ways to be more welcoming to new church members. What can we do for new members who want to know more about St. James?


Dan Bacon discussed ideas from the 6 emails on “Practical Steps to WOW Church Visitors:  

  1.  Make visitors feel welcome (but don’t step on their toes!)

    1. Offer a gift

    2. Have awesome greeters!

    3. Have an easy-to-access visitor center

  2. Gather visitors’ most important contact information – Email address & cell phone number

    1. Gather in a “non-threatening” way utilizing “Flocknote”

      1. Advertise the church’s unique Flocknote link

      2. Text keyword to Flocknote link

      3. Hugo mentioned having a “visitor card” to get name, number and email.

  3. Follow up

    1. Contact them via phone within 48 hours

    2. Follow up the phone call with a personal email

  4. Connect each visitor with a church member similar to them

    1. Same interests or talents

    2. Children the same age, etc.

  5. Provide visitors with opportunities to meet the Church Staff

  6. Follow up with visitors after their 2nd & 3rd visits

    1. Invite them to events that fit their needs

    2. Ask them if they might be interested in joining a church ministry

The group further discussed …

  • Having a special visitors table set up in the gathering space

  • The table could be manned by a “Visitor’s Committee”

    • Deacon Chuck commented that those persons manning a Visitor’s Table should be properly trained to do so, and all seemed to be in agreement on this.

  • A few members offered to be part of this Visitor’s Committee including:  Dan Bacon, Steve Gregoire, Hugo Mendoza & RC

Deacon Chuck’s Discussions:

  • Note that there is a nice write-up about our new church in the Catholic Key

  • There will be a Diocesan event – Community Thanksgiving Service on Nov. 21st in the new church – St. James Choir will be singing.

Annual Coat Drive

  • Coats to be donated this year to St. James Mid-town as usual, but also to our Veterans

  • Both Adult & Children Coats & Hats to be collected in the old church Narthex.  Big blue trash bags are available right inside the front door to the Narthex for collecting.

  • Lou Angles and Kevin Nordhues to head the coat drive this year.

New Church Dedication

  • Father Mike mentioned that the new church dedication went very well.

  • $2M has been received from the lead gift group as of the previous week.

  • Father also mentioned that there are plenty of left-over information booklets about our new church.

Matching Pastoral Council Members with Church Ministries

  • Julie Harman mentioned that we want to continue to match pastoral council members with our church ministries.

  • Member should attend the chosen church ministry meeting and complete the “Ministry Visit Report”.  Contact Kevin Nordhues for a copy.

  • Ask the ministry if they would like time during our pastoral council meetings to discuss their ministry and their needs with the pastoral council.

Round Table Items:

  • Hugo mentioned that the Lady of Guadeloupe celebration would be on Thursday, Dec. 12th following the 6 pm Mass.

  • “Molly B” dance – 260 attendees this year compared to 300 last year

  • Libby Hernandez discussions:

  • Brought in $89K at the St. James Auction this year.  There will be a meeting to determine percentages of the auction’s earning to go to the PTO and to the School.

  • Catholic School Week – Trivia night will be on Feb. 29th, 2020.  It will include selling of items that weren’t sold at the St. James Auction.

  • Song Board – A number of parishioners have indicated that they miss seeing a “song board” in church.  Procurement of song board(s) is in progress – Danny Baker.

  • Annual Diocesan Appeal Video will be shown this weekend during all Masses.  Much of the video was shot at our new church.

  • Protocol to handle “begging” outside the church – Doug Lewey is working on a card for our greeters to hand to those begging outside the church.  The card will explain how St. James can help them.

Closing Prayer – Capital Campaign Prayer

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