Question about scheduled confession times.


Hello I had a question pertaining to the church. Now that we have a new facility and we want to continue to grow in holiness together as the body of Christ can we get some other confession times?  I am aware father will make himself available by request but that takes forethought and planning. It’s so nice to have opportunities available throughout the week as Saturday afternoon is really hard for busy families to make. St Andrew has evening lunch and daytime available I often have to go there but would love to stay at my parish and have regular set opportunities available. Thanks!


You may not be aware that we have added First Saturday confessions, from 7:30-8:30 a.m. and perhaps this will help.  We’ll certainly consider for the future some other times.

Fr. Mike states that “Personally, it’s hard for me to confirm a particular item every week, because so much other stuff (funerals, hospital calls, etc.,) that get in the way, and if I schedule something like Confessions times, I want to make sure I can be there at those times. … We will look into that, and offer them in the future.”

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